Monday, January 12, 2009

Thought of the Day #12

There are two major evils in this country which should be eliminated -- temp agencies and payday loan centers. Both take advantage of those who can least afford it. Temp agencies pay employees about half of their work's value and pocket the remaining monies. The payday loan/check cashing centers take 10-20% for the privilege of giving you a day or a week's advance in pay. In my little book of evil, they both rank pretty high.


vesta44 said...

I haven't had any bad experiences with temp agencies. In fact, temp agencies are how I got 2 of the best jobs I ever had (one paid me $8 an hour to start, I got hired full time after 3 months and only made $1 an hour more; the other paid me $7.25 an hour, took me a year and a half to get hired full time, and I made $2 an hour more after I got hired). DH went thru a temp agency for his current job, got paid $10 an hour, and is now making a little over $13 an hour. So I think a lot of it depends on the agency and their contract with the companies who need people.
I will agree that those payday loan/check cashing places are a rip-off, their interest rates and services fees are exorbitant for the service they provide (legal loan-sharking as far as I'm concerned, or maybe illegal, who knows if or how well they're regulated by city/state/federal government).

Cat said...

Thanks for your comment!
While I was on the hiring side of temp agencies, my company paid more than double for it's temps. With several different agencies.

If the company hires you for a dollar or two more than the temp agency was paying, they're getting a very good deal for your time. Of course if you get full time benefits upon being hired, you've got to figure that into the net pay. Oh, and of course a little more security is a very good thing when getting hired on permanently. That's worth some money/hour, too.

I just know that employees are NOT getting what they are actually worth when going through a temp agency. You rarely, if ever, get the chance of a decent benefit package nor do you get a fair market wage.