Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why I'll Vote for Obama

While I consider myself to be a pretty leftist liberal, I consider myself an independent when it comes to political races. I rarely vote straight party lines, because what's important to me isn't necessarily important to the party as a whole. I tend to look at the individuals, individuals. I don't believe that just because a politician runs under a particular party banner that it makes them a good person or for that matter, valid as a representative in a governmental position.

In most presidential elections, I find myself really disliking both major party candidates. Clinton vs. Dole - Eh. Bush vs. Gore - Eww. Bush vs. Kerry - Double ewww. Typically, I ended up picking the "lesser of two evils. " It is not a healthy position to be in at the polls.

So, that's what makes this year's election especially refreshing to me. I find I *actually* like a candidate! I find Barack Obama to be intelligent, level- headed and positive. The dream of having an intelligent, well spoken president is potentially REAL. To have a president that can travel internationally and NOT make an ass of the term "American" is soooo refreshing. It's crazy, but this dream could be real!!

So many people focus on "issues", which are such a waste of time. For instance, do you really believe that either candidate will be able to lower your taxes after signing a 700 billion dollar financial debacle plan? No freakin' way. (At best, I want the candidates to come clean and tell me, "We won't raise or lower the tax rate." )

Do you believe that one man can actually save the economic downturn? They cannot. The US economy is a vaporous and emotional animal. One man or woman cannot change the outlook.

Also, in advertising the candidates like to say that they're "for" this or "against" that, but do they forget that they aren't running for "king?" Last I heard this was a country with a congress comprised of a House and Senate.

My randomly worded points come down to this -- don't vote based upon the "issues" rather vote based upon the personal traits.

McCain seems relatively intelligent, but he comes across nervous and somewhat insecure. He's quick to anger and seems a bit overly concerned about his war past. These are all traits that I really don't appreciate in a leader.

As stated above, Obama really does present himself well as intelligent and even. I feel this is what our country needs in a new leader -- someone for the world to respect and our kids to use as a role model.

This perception of Obama could be completely incorrect, but I trust that for over a year his persona hasn't cracked, so more than likely this is his true way of being.

Come Tuesday, in this overwhelmingly red state, I will be casting my vote for Barack Obama. I hope that you will do the same.


Kathy in CA said...

I admit that I'm a republican, but I am also voting for Obama for a lot of the same reasons you mention in your post. McCain could probably do the job, but I hate to think about something happening to him and Palin having to take over. Yikes!

Cat said...

Yeah, that is a scary thought, Kathy. I fear that a lot of people don't see that problem as clearly.

Thanks for posting a comment, too! I wonder sometimes if there is anyone "out there." :-)

Anonymous said...

i disagree with you. i also took the less of 2 evils, that was mccain by a long shot!

Cat said...

Thanks for posting, Anonymous. While we disagree, I'm glad you're choosing to post from time to time. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

i sure glad the california voters, spoke LOUD and CLEAR NO FUCKING SAME SEX MARRIAGES!

Anonymous said...

U think palen would not be choice if something happen to McCain, what choice do we get if some loser does away with Obama??