Monday, November 17, 2008

Best Childhood Toy Ever

Seriously, isn't a big cardboard box THE best toy? This is me and my family (brother and cousin?) hiding out in a sweet refrigerator box. I have some decent memories from this escapade, but there's also some relatively faint feelings about getting booted by my sibs.

I also have some fond memories of the giant Christmas tree box. It was, and I'm guesstimating, 3.5 feet by 4 feet by 3feet. Every year it would come up from the basement and every year we played in it. One year, my brother John decorated it with crayon to have bus windows and even a bus driver on the front. It was a sweet ride! I don't know when it ended up getting reinforced with a wood frame, but you know my parents REALLy wanted to keep that box alive as long as they could. I vaguely remember getting booted out of that box, too, but I think each year the attempt at major play arrived when the box made it up the stairs.

Sure, some kids got to go hunt down a ~real~ tree, but the good old metal and plastic variety came with a BOX. A BOX!! Beat that, you real-tree snobs. :-)
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Shannon said...

LOL! Now I feel like a bad mom for buying a real tree, LOL!

I was recently lamenting the lack of boxes in my kid's lives. We haven't had any big item purchases in years. Someone needs to buy a fridge or something ;-)

Pritam Pyare said...

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