Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you need a reason NOT to watch the Olympics

This should do it: Apparently, in the athlete's dorms and in the press center, any...and I mean ANY... logo of a non-Olympic sponsor is to be covered with masking tape. Elevators, microphones, etc. Just ridiculous. It's just another sign that the Olympics are NOT about international loving, hugging, butt-slapping competition, but instead it's all about money, money, money. And you know, whereever big money goes, you can pretty much guarantee corruption. Yeah, don't bother watching it on television. The stank of corruption is always present with the Olympics, but it's even getting stankier as I get older and *cough* wiser.


Anonymous said...

Hi Catay,
If you believe an event this big can be run w/o sponsors then you are not from this planet. These companies have spent big dollars to have their logos appear with this event.
To make it possible the sponsors, should get some protection.
Now to me heres the irony, the Wall Street Journal is publishing this? Isn't that the name of greed street USA?
Andrew Cooley

Cat said...

Hey Andrew,
Of course they need sponsors, but covering over elevator manufacturer names with masking tape? You don't think that's over the top??