Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm a little bit purple

I'm not a huge purple afficianado. I mean as color it's quite nice and it's in the rainbow, so how bad can it be? Suffice it to say, I'm not a purple obsessee. What I do like is lavender. The lavender in the garden is starting to bloom and it made me think, "HUH...I'm downright taken with the scent." You see, much of my toiletries are scented with lavender and by default they're bespeckled with purple. My shampoo. My bath soap -- Ivory now has a lavender scented variety and ME LOVES IT. It's not quite as pure as the regular scent, but heck, I'll give up my purity (he!) for a fresh lavender scent. My body lotion. My deodorant. And, last but not least, my shavers. Yes, for some reason the brains-that-be at ye olde Bic's plastic wares plant thought it was important to scent women's shavers with lavender. Methinks the idea came from a woman with a hairy lip. While shaving your legs or your pits there's very little chance you'll catch a sweet whiff of the shaver's handle...but under your nose...YUP...you can smell it! How sweet it is!


Canor63 said...

I was just at the Crowne Plaza hotel in St Paul and as part of their "good sleep" campaign, they provide a small bottle of Lavender Linen spray, so you are not the only person "living the lavender life".