Saturday, June 07, 2008

Worshipping False Idols

I rarely see "famous" people, but I'm having a good run with American Idol celebs. First there was the spotting of Simon Cowell in Vegas in April. Tonight, there was cute little David Archuleta who walked in with a group of his friends while we were waiting for a table at Cafe Med in Salt Lake City. We made eye contact! Woot! (I'm sure there are millions of pre-teen girls who are SOOO jealous of me now! heheh.)

It was good to see him hanging out with normal kids on a Friday night. I always wonder if after appearing on shows like that they end up getting dragged into a world full of "handlers" and agents. It was good, too, that while he has a sizeable share of fame going on right now, especially in Utah, he was able to eat, talk and giggle with his friends without much interruption. When he was interrupted by a mom and an adoring fan, he was VERY gracious and accomodating. This photo was from that moment. We were tempted, but didn't tell him of the message from a girl in Colorado that we got for him. :-)