Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Trash to Treasure


Ivan took these photos of the famous "Nevada Shoe Tree" this past weekend. This shoe tree is in the middle of "nowhere Nevada". Seriously far from any city of significant size. I do think it's really thoughtful to offer up shoes to Mother Nature (or wandering people lost in the desert for that matter.) While part of me thinks "what a waste of a perfectly good tree...oh, and shoes, too", the rest of me is thankful for odd traditions in our American landscape.
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flossy-p said...

I think this is amazing! It seems to really suit the tree. I know it's not good for the tree, but at least it's only one tree, not a whole forest... and I'm not sure if birds can small, but if they can deal with old shoe smell, this would be the most comfy swanky bird nest neighbourhood ever! And they could have addresses like;
Left Size 7,
Chuck Taylor Converse,
Lower Branch,
Shoe Tree. USA :D

Anyway, thanks for your advice about me having a URL re-directed. I do luckily have my real name URL (it used to be for my photography business), www.sarahlyttle.com and I've just put that holding page there to direct enquiries to the right spots. My blog is a secret one at the moment, so I don't have links to that yet. Thanks so much once again, I appreciate your ideas.