Sunday, May 11, 2008

Phone a friend

Truth be told, we screen our calls to our home phone. If you want to talk, leave a message. Last night, we get three calls in row without a message. We don't use caller ID, 'cuz you know, we'd be ignoring more calls. Because of this limitation and curiousity about the three calls and no message, Ivan dials *69. It's someone from Pueblo, Colorado. As soon as he puts the phone down, the thing rings again. Ok, fine, he's gotta answer now even though we've got no idea who would be calling from Pueblo.

He answers and a girl on the other line says, "Is David there?"

"I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number. There's no one here by that name," replies Ivan.

"Oh, ok, thanks." says the disappointed girl.

Ivan hangs up and almost as soon as the phone hits the desk, the phone rings again. Ivan answers, "Hello."

"Hi, I forgot to ask. Do you know any Davids?"

"I know several. What's the last name?" queries Ivan.


"No, sorry, I don't know him," Ivan states to the crushed girl.

I'm really hoping for the girl's parents sake that they've got free long distance and/or free minutes on the cell phone. We're guessing she's trying every number in the Salt Lake Valley. Go, persistant girl, go!

For those of you who aren't aware, David Archuleta is the kid on American Idol that is from Murray, Utah. The local news was reporting that the kid was back in town after a break from the TV show, so you know, his groupies must be following as closely as they can.