Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Curious Behavior

Seeing the photo to the left, I'm going to guess that most people believe that FLDS polygamy and potential child abuse is probably the "curious behavior" about which I'm writing, but no. Something suspiciously odd has hit me about this whole situation. Perhaps, it's just my exposure to some of the history of the LDS (not the FLDS) church here in Utah and it's wranglings with the US military back in the late 1800s...

What I find odd...and somewhat suspicious... behind the removal of the members of that compound:

1. They took busloads of women and children out in a First Baptist buses. I'm guessing that the US Govt has been planning this for some time, so why did they use a church bus to remove the individuals? There's a long history of distress between LDS and Baptists. Their views are very similar, yet just enough to cause some hatred between 'em. (I've known a couple of strict Baptists who hated the mormons, yet when they took the "Belief o' Matic" test, they came up scoring highest as Latter Day Saints aka Mormon.) So, while the FLDS is even more *out there* than straight-up LDS, it seems curious that the government would use church buses to move the women and children. Why involve the First Baptists at all if this was strictly a child protection/police matter?

2. While I certainly believe there is child abuse going on in the Texas compound, I wonder how much more prevalent it is than in the US population as a whole? Take 180 kids anywhere in the US and you'll probably find 18+ who have been sexually abused in this country. So, one girl makes a call from the Texas compound to get help and we invade and tear apart the entire compound? Granted, there should be zero children being abused, but it makes me think the government is on a crusade against the oddity that is the FLDS in a religious and "polygamist" sense than in the protection of the children. It's as if the unknown ways of their world MUST BE wrong. But, from what I know, polygamy isn't illegal unless one tries to gain multiple government sanctioned marriage licenses. Living on a compound with 50 women and 1 man isn't illegal. It is odd, but only because we come from a "1 to 1" based societal norm. Also, while it's creepy to hear of a 16 year old getting married to a fifty year old man, it's not illegal in the state of Texas. So, why are we there??

I fear that when we attack small fringe groups like this, we're doing it NOT for the good of the people involved, but only to get the "nut jobs" to conform to our belief system.

Eh, I could be wrong, but it just seems too curious to simply discount....
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Anonymous said...

in god s eye it is a sin, missy

Cat said...

Ooh, ouch, eeee, well, you see, this is my point. Regardless of the particular religious beliefs of those in the government, their beliefs should not be imposed upon the citizens they represent.

Bobber said...

Numbers-wise, even if all the kids in this FDLS compound had been abused, it is statistically a small number compared to all the "reported" incidents of child abuse in the general population, much less the unreported ones that have gone on. However, because of their concentration in a compound and a mindset and theology that allows it to occur with perhaps greater frequency, it would be a much easier target.

I don't know why the government has "picked on" polygamist cults like this, or the Branch Davidians in Waco, like they have, but it does indeed raise questions which I don't think the general media or the government really addresses. Waving the flag of child abuse certainly gains the OK from those who work hard to fight child abuse in the larger population, but I too have to wonder a bit at the real reasons why these folks are singled out.

That doesn't mean that I condone what the FLDS believe or do, but it does raise questions for me as well as to the real motives behind actions like this or Waco. To me, Cat, actions like this are not too different in effect that waving the flag to justify invading Iraq. At this point in time, one would hope for greater transparency of motive and process than seems forthcoming from our government. One would have also hoped that something would have been learned over the last 7 years.

Anonymous said...

I think the Baptist buses were used because the tmple is located in such a small town. I think the Baptist buses were all that was avaialable nearby.
I am not 100 percent positive, but I don't think the US government was involved in this raid. The two press releaes I saw mentioned Texas Rangers and Texas Child Protection Services.
The press reports today state that one 16 year old has had 4 children while in the Temple. (no multiple births) Doing the math of 4 X 9 month term pregnancies, is 36 months (3 years). I believe sex with a 13 year old is illegal in Texas.
That being said, the government (Federal, State and Local) is in a serious repressive period, with no end in sight.
Check out the video of 'Waco: Rules of Engagement' to see some serious government fascism. Several Fedearal officials were caught lying in the court room. As far as I can recall, none of them went to jail for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

i believe sex with any minor is WRONG no matter what releglionu tack on to it why dont they fuck the girls over 18 in the name of the lord!!

Anonymous said...

so u believe it is right to have 50 year old men fuck 15 year old girls all in name of GOD? COME ON!

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but the law is the law. And I believe that polgamy is against the law.
We live in a country where the laws can change, not always for the better, but they can. Be glad to live in such a society.