Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prostitution In the Media

New York Governor Spitzer has been connected to "high-priced", "high-dollar" prostitute. Does it make a difference if the prostitute is getting more money than the ones on the street? Every news story I've heard about this mentioned the "high-priced" bit. Is this supposed to make him look better or worse? Like, "Hey, he's an idiot for spending so much money...he could get it much cheaper on 5th Street." Or is it supposed to make me think, "Well, gosh, he cheated on his wife...but at least he got one of those classy high buck whores." It's one of those added titilating terms that news writers use. It doesn't add to the scandal's actual news worthiness, but it adds to the perception of the news worthiness. Spin news, spin!