Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I feel like a jack of all trades these days. First, I'm up late tonight moonlighting for a non-profit legal association. Just working on a few brochures for them in InDesign. I'm no Adobe InDesign expert, but I do find it fun to work in. It makes me think of all the fun brochure-sy things I could do if I ran my own company or organization. It's also another dandy skill to have if I lose my day job.

Secondly, I've been getting quite a few orders on Etsy. I've sold 31 jars so far. Yahooo! I haven't received my Crippy Crafts back from Minneapolis, yet, but I have high hopes that they will sell ~ok~ on there too. There's one Estsian who sells similar goods for ~$130/a pop. I don't have plans to charge nearly that much, so hopefully my wee papery art will move on there.

Finally, it's a beeeyatch to pay taxes on contracting gigs...especially if they're digitally based. I did a significant amount of graphic design work for a company in Oregon last year. I have VERY little I can "write-off" as business expenses. My software and internet connection is all paid for by my day job. My office isn't solely an office for work, so no go on that write-off. I ended up writing off some blank CDs, paper and mailing supplies. WooF'ingHoo. Here Governement, have some more money. I know we've got a war to pay for, so why can't I chip in a bit more? What? Bend over? Oh, ok...sure I can help....