Monday, March 17, 2008

Confession Time

I like to watch golf on TV on Sunday afternoons. Not just any golf, only PGA, and more specifically Tiger Woods and occasionally Phil Michelson. Ok, really just Tiger, but you know, Phil will do in a pinch.

I used to think that watching golf on TV was as exciting as watching paint dry, as the old cliche goes. Well, you know, I think I actually do appreciate paint drying now. There's so many subtle layers to it that I never realized previously. Ever see a fly land on wet paint? Yeah, it's pretty dang exciting.

OK, back to the confession at hand. So, yeah, golf. I'm not going to say it's as thrilling as a really good suspense movie, but if you actually watch golfers who are really, really good, it's pretty exciting seeing them miss a putt or as in today's game...winning the tournament by making a really good putt.

I'll watch and do other things, come back to the tele and see how the game's going. I don't typically watch the whole thing, but I do feel bad if I miss an exciting play or the last few holes of a tournament. I would have really been remiss if I missed today's tourny winning putt and Tiger's exuberant reaction. He's usually so very composed, don'tchaknow.

There, I'm glad I've gotten that off my chest. It really is embarassing especially since I used to say, "How could anyone stand to watch golf on TV??!? EWWW". So, yeah, now I know.


Anonymous said...

I watch it too!