Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh dear. I've got to talk Politics

I really haven't seen much need to post about politics for several years...until now. I see that Romney has stopped his campaign bid. Not that I was ever a Romney fan, but he was one of the lesser evils of the Republican party. Now it looks like evil McCain is going to get the elephant party nod. A scary thought. I would even swallow Huckabee easier than McCain even though I feel Huckabee is a bit too much of a religious zealot.

Oh, the pain...the pain that comes with the thought that McCain could be in the White House. We'll have four more years of war. Four more years of economic disaster. Please. Make. It. Stop. Now, regardless of who wins the Democratic nod, I'll have to vote for them. My Utah vote won't really count in the "electoral college" since this is a red-red state, but at the very least the popular vote count will get one more for the anti-McCain front.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club, Cat. I have a feeling that A LOT of folks have similar feelings, especially after the last 7+ yrs of Repub bait and switch. Not sure all those folks who voted for GWB EVER thought that things would turn out as they have, and I would guess that the disappointment and disaffection are responsible for the "anything but the same sort of stuff we've had" free floating miasma that has lent so much momentum to the various campaigns for change from divisive politics (my way or the highway) to something truly more civil and a lot closer to a true consensus rather than back room, think tank dictum.

I don't know about anyone else, but it has appeared to me for some time that we have quite enough things to take care (levies, bridges, ALL infrastructure just for starters) that political bickering and intransigence are no longer acceptable behavior.

Most of the old goats in Washington and state legislators today come from my generation, and frankly, I am NOT proud of them. There has been enough scandal and BS to go around on all sides, and I, for one, would like to see some genuine ADULTS take office and get BACK TO WORK!

Folks like to cite the benefits of experience, and there is always something to be said for it IF it has truly accomplished and created a better result. However, Cat, I am less than impressed by the so-called "experience" of this generation of national and local legislators, so that argument will need some real work to make it credible to me, and I think a LOT of other people in this country as well.

I have two bumperstickers on my truck which sum up my exasperations.
"Polarized Country/Paralyzed Government" and "Tired of the BS? Then knock it off!"