Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Brilliant Idea

The other night, after I saw my waitress with the drawn-on eyebrows, I was thinking that there should be press-on eyebrows. The beauty of this idea is that they could actually look like real brows...not just a line of ink across your face. Either they'd be made up of fine ink "hairs" that would be applied like a wet'n'press tattoo or they could actually be made of fine hairs that are applied with some sort of glue. Both the cheap and high-end press-ons could be printed on a lycra base which could be stretched to the appropriate width. I really like the idea, too, of providing a package of press-on-brows that have a variety of expressions -- if you want to look surprised one day, use the high arch. If you're really depressed or puzzled, get the low, furrowed brow. If you want to look like spock, don the Vulcan version. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, you saw it here first!


vesta44 said...

Now that is an awesome idea. I would buy those since my eyebrows are awful and don't even look good when I have them waxed. I would totally shave mine to use stick-on eyebrows (and I'm not into make-up, but this idea just rocks).

Canor63 said...

I saw a woman, who is a cosmotologist who had press on make up for your eyes. It was like a Crest white strip, only with three colors on it and you pressed it on your eyelid and wiped to the side and it had all the three contouring tones in one swatch. She was on the show America's Next Inventor (or whatever it was) but she didn't make it to the finals, but one of the judges is a manufacturer and he wanted to talk to her after taping was over, so maybe at a store near you soon?

Cat said...

Thanks, Vesta44!

Claudia, press on eyeshadow? That's kind of kooky (and brilliant, too!), but I can see it would save women from the trouble of coming up with the right countour shading decisions.