Monday, January 28, 2008

Please Help Me...I'm Falling

When I'm super tired, I often do that *pzzsap* electrical jerk when I'm
just about to doze off to fairy dust land. You know the one that you
hope no one noticed...or was seriously injured by? Yeah. That one.
Whenever my body does that, my brain decides it's one of two things--
either falling down stairs or slipping and falling on ice. These are
two things that I've done with great gusto and really don't care to
relive when I'm so close to my happy place. Do you think there's a way
to train my brain into thinking of sliding down a water slide into a
really big pool, or even better...the point-of-no-return prior to an
orgasm? They're all out of my control to a certain extent, and would be
much more fun to relive.