Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kotex "Classic"

I loooove this SNL video spoofing a new/old product -- Kotex "Classic". It takes me back to the first time I had my period. I told my mom and she immediately went out to buy me a belt and a huge (and it was huge) box of old school Kotex pads. I was a bit puzzled, but gave it a whirl. "Maybe this is what everyone has to use the first time?" I thought. So, I tried on the belt. I was easily 250lbs when I was ten, and the belt was tiiighhhht. Kind of like a rubberband on a beachball, I think. I tried to hook up the pads to the garters and when I'd wear it, they'd pop off. After messing around with it for a day or so, I asked my mom why I couldn't use the kind my sister used...good old stick-to-the-underwear StayFree. They were just as huge as the old school ones, but at least I didn't have to wear the belt which would have been super obvious through my clothes...a horror that no pre-teen wanted to face! I remember the look my mom gave me. It was something like, "Huh, do you think they'll work for you, dear fat child?" without saying a word. My average-size mom was always supportive of me, but when it came to my fat being and how my pre-teen tubby body worked with the rest of the world, I think she had no clue. Suffice it to say, that from that day forward, I was belt free.