Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I (heart) Dexter

DexterI never thought I'd admit that I (heart) a serial killer, but here it is. My friend, Peter, gave me the first season on DVD for Christmas. In one weekend, Ivan, his daughter and I were all compelled to watch all 13 episodes. We couldn't stop....well except we had to sleep for a few hours here and there. This series is amazingly well written, acted and...as I mentioned, compelling to watch. It's a bit gruesome from time to time, but it's also sweet, funny and smart. We were so sad to see it come to an end...but then there is another season...

Season two! Now I really, really, really want to watch season two! I heard that it's already run through on Showtime, but I also noticed that it's available "on demand" via cable...but of course one needs to be a member of Showtime to get it. I've been contemplating ordering Showtime for a weekend just to do another marathon viewing. Hold my calls and cancel my appointments. I may just have a date with a good-guy serial killer! I hope Ivan won't mind...well of course he won't because he'll be watching us! ;-)

By the way, I just heard that CBS will be carrying the first season coming in February. Sometimes a writers strike is good for broadcast television, it seems! I'm sure there will be some things cut out, but it really won't be too much you won't see.


Canor63 said...

I told you Dexter was good. I asked you if you thought it was weird that my favorite tv character was a serial killer. And yes I have seen all of season 2. Jealous yet? lol