Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Have You Seen Her?

We're inundated with the missing's faces so often these days. They're peppered throughout the 2008 tax forms, for instance. So many people gone...vanished into thin air. I look at the faces and they never seem familiar. Well, until today. I opened up the StarTribune website ( tonight and came face to face with a girl I knew many, many years ago on the front page. Sue Swedell. We went to school together and rode the "late bus" back through Lake Elmo together. She wasn't a remarkable girl in a lot of respects. She was somewhat mousy, but always pretty sweet. I remember a look of longing in her eyes as she attempted to connect with people 'cuz she never quite "fit in". We'd chatter from time to time, about what, I don't recall at all. I do remember she had the cutest impish laugh.

So, there she was, on the website. ( Missing for 20 years now. I vaguely remember hearing on the news about her disappearance probably a year after she actually disappeared. I thought it was pretty odd, but always believed that maybe she had run away to find herself. I'm really hoping that's what has happened to her all these years. I hope that she's fitting in with her crowd now and is still laughing an impish laugh.

In any event, take a peek at the photo and let her family know that you know something about her whereabouts. Not knowing all these years must be torture for them.


Anonymous said...


Just read your statement about my sister. After collecting information, the Police early on put her disappearance as foul play. She was a great sister and very loved and hopefully we will know something someday as to what happened to her.


Cat said...

I'm so sorry that you've had to suffer through missing Sue all these years. It's such a horrible situation.
Someone out there knows where she is but doesn't understand the pain in the silence. I sincerely hope you find out what happened someday soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support. There have been so many people asking about her, so many people that cared. It is true that she was on the quiet side at times, but always she had alot of friends and was really active in church. She is very missed.