Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Foul Fat Chick Fashion!

  You'll need to kill me to get me to wear these hideous offerings from Catherine's. ( I know that Catherine's is supposed to be the fat chick's friend for women over 35, but c'mon, even the over 35 set has taste.

The pink stripy thing with the "nautical" yet "valentine" anchor really makes me see...ahem...sea sick. Let's admit it...the "nautical" look that comes out every stinking spring has really got to set sail to its long overdue death at sea. Secondly, STOP the ugly APPLIQUE insanity! There. I feel better now.

The second top with that hideous "Christmas package applique sweater" look is also supposed to be "nautically inspired". The only thing nautical about it is the feeling that I'd rather walk the plank than wear this.