Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Beauty of Roomba

Sure, you may think of the Roomba as just a lazy gal's toy...that it is to be sure...but it's also GREAT at cleaning out under beds. Just today I was cleaning out the guest room with Roomba. I started it up, and closed the door (I didn't want my little robot helper to escape!). I came back a half-hour later and my little Roomba found a flip-flop and a lipstick from under the queen size bed and pushed them both out within easy reach. Beautiful, just beautiful! Not only that, but it collected all of the dirt and dust that accumulated under said bed. The guest room is rather small and the bed is squished up against two walls, so cleaning under the bed to get all of the dust bunnies is quite a trick. Well, not anymore!

My sister generously gave me the Roomba for Christmas, and since then I've had it be-boppin' around my living rooms with great regularity. It doesn't get everything, but it does do great, as I mentioned, underneath furniture. In the living room...that means the under-couch areas are actually getting cleaned out more than once every few months...err...once a year under some pieces! (Did I just admit that?!). I think I can breath easier just knowing that. :-)

My only complaint is that I do need to either block off or lift up cables/wires and any small hazaards that may inhibit Roomba from performing it's dusting duties. Oh, and that he tends to get lost in rooms with too many chair legs -- so, dining rooms are a problem for dear Roomba. Other than those wee complaints it's a fun little robot addition to the household.

Next...I'm thinking Scooba for the kitchen floor! (See this site for more information on Roomba or Scooba or who knows what else they'll come up with for robot lovers!
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Shannon said...

My mom has a roomba and loves it. Which is funny because she's a hoarder but she's proud of her clean floors (the parts that don't have crap stacked on them).

If you get the Scooba I'll be waiting for a review ;) I don't mind sweeping but I hate mopping and rarely do it.

Of course just for the robot factor, that's cool :D

Fat_Chic said...

I have a Roomba, and while I love it, I wouldn't call it a "lazy gal's" toy. To use the Roomba I have to clear any stray clutter off the floor, block off furniture it gets stuck under, etc. So it's still got some labor attached to it. I do love having it though - I have asthma, and this reduces my exposure to dust and other triggers.