Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beautiful Igigi

Igigi does it again. ( I lurrrve this outfit. It's got a sweet French flair, and it's got a simple palette based in black.

By the way, have I ever mentioned why I love wearing black so much? I'm sure that a lot of people believe it's because black is *ahem* slimming. That's somewhat true, but let's be 400lbs+, you won't look slim no matter what you wear. The truth hurts doesn't it. ;-) The reason is this: When I was growing up I wasn't allowed to wear black. I could go as dark as navy and that's it. My mum thought that black was too adult of a color. Oh, fine. When I started making my own clothes in high school, I opted for black pants quite often...'cuz my mom couldn't stop me! Bwwaaahahah! So, even though I'm a little bit *ahem* past twenty *ahem*, I still love wearing black 'cuz I like to feel like a kid playing an adult from time to time.

By the way, does it drive you as batty as it does me when blacks don't match if you're trying to wear them together? There's reddish black, blue black, true black and the dreaded i've-been-washed-too-many-times faded black. I can't wear two different shades of black together. No way, no how. I just can't!


Anonymous said...

Its verry cute!

I like this skirt. Its totally beautiful! I want it! :)

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