Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ohhhh, the memories...

I was wandering through the Fatshionista Flickr photo pool (link)and came across this skirt. It's made by Revamped Fashion (link). I looove the idea of reusing / repurposing old textiles, and Revamped Fashion does some fun plus size looks (Etsy link) -- gotta love the TMNT skirt. :-)

But, to get back to the memory at hand -- the skirt above brought back a floooood of childhood bedroom memories for me. Picture the print on the flounce as wallpaper. Yup, that's what I lived in for 13+ years. It was also the sheets on my bed. The patchwork portion of the skirt was my comforter. I lived a Holly Hobbie life! There, I admitted it.

I have grown to expect to see crud at antique stores from my childhood. After my most recent trip to Minnie, I even think that with two years and an unlimited budget, I could recreate my entire childhood home just by shopping at antique stores up there. That actually would be a hoot, wouldn't it?

It's just funny seeing things from the past pop-up in unexpected places. Who knew that my old bedsheets could turn up as hipster fashion?