Monday, December 17, 2007

Heavy Rain

  I've been a fan of Barry Kite's Aberrant Art ( for years...probably at least 10. I came across his booth at Minneapolis's Uptown Art fair at least that many years ago.

His work combines two of my sincerest loves -- classic art and humor. Juxtaposed together into some witty or social commentaries, the pieces will either offend you or make you quietly giggle. I choose the latter.

Each time I look at his site's catalog, I see something new. This piece, "Unexpected Downpour", caught my eye during my most recent visit. He has several works which have fat chicks in 'em, so check it out!

Some of my all-time favorites are based upon Georges Seurat's "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte". One of my first purchases was "Sunday Afternoon, Wrong Island". I still love it.

Funny, fun stuff.
Just found another of Kite's works that is fat friendly to me! "The Spring Line" with the Venus of Willendorf figures on the catwalk. Good stuff, Maynard! :-)Posted by Picasa