Friday, November 09, 2007

Your GIRTH does not equate to your self WORTH

I feel main purpose of the "size" or "fat" acceptance movement should be trying to assist fat people to see that their self-worth is completely independent of their girth. We can't change a fat person's family, friends, coworkers, or the general public through laws or mandates. Nor can we directly change how others may feel about our fat visage. We CAN, however, make them see that self-worth confidence is not shaken by the potential spewed negativity. In the end, that unshakeable confidence WILL change the way we are treated. No one messes with a force that will not be moved.

So, with that, I came up with this simple slogan. Girth ≠ Worth. (I tried Girth != Worth and Girth <> Worth, too, but I feared only programmers would understand.) Slapped it up in one of my shops at Cafepress. ( I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, one or two may end up on chests around the world as an aid to another soul who needs to see it.


William said...

Hi Cat

I 100% agree with you. A lot of Blogs focus on activism or reporting on the media. That is OK but the Lion's share of Fat People out there just need support!

Also maybe if more blogs start talking more about fat support and fat feelings then the thousands of internet data miners out there may get the message indirectly.