Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sea Monkeys or Artemia Salina

I remember looking to the back pages of the comic books to see the advertisement for Sea Monkeys. The ads basically promised you supremacy over the sea monkey kingdom, but not only would you be their keeper, but they would, in turn, be your friend. And, they'd don gorgeous jewels or bows upon their crowns and show you the beauty of life.

Unfortunately, when it arrived, the sea monkey kit never really fully captured my dream. There were no jeweled crowns or even bows atop each creature, and they never survived to live past their lice-like existance. Worst of all, they never tried to befriend me.

A wee bit disappointed, true, but that didn't really kill the dream. I still have it. I see the kits for sea monkeys and the dream lives. The hours of day dreaming about the little lives that were coming in the mail still keep a smile upon my face. If I had known then what this meant -- "Caricatures shown not intended to depict Artemia Salina" -- my dream bubble may have burst prior to the actual "monkeys" arriving.

Ah, good memories. The photo above shows the Sea Monkey dolls. No water added! Here's the ad that deceived me so:


Shannon said...

LOL! My daughter's sea monkeys lasted a few months. The last one died on her birthday but thankfully she didn't notice for a few weeks. I think we're done with sea monkeys.

Yeah, what happened to truth in advertising? ;-)

Shannon said...

Uh, I feel the need to clarify that the reason she didn't notice for a few weeks is because at that point she had lost interest and I was taking care of them. Yeah, they weren't big on befriending anyone. And those "diamonds" they claimed they'd play with? They didn't ;)

Andi said...

Sea Monkeys loom large in my mentalscape. Thanks for the ad!

Anonymous said...

You said it!! I was a kid in the 70's and the only scam I could afford was x-ray specs, despite being well aware of these obvious improvements to my life!.. I am 35 now, and my daughter got these about 7 years ago (when she was 9 which is the age when I was first lured!) but despite the fact I was left caring for them, I kind of felt I eventually got my sea monkeys after all. Yeah its ridiculous product description, if I got them as a kid i would be so p1ssed off!! She forgot about them, as all kids do about pets which is why they generally should not have any. Now where are my x-ray specs, I do believe a voluptuous woman is nearby (or so says the ad!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

I remember, the ad was on the back of "Ghost Manor" comic sometime in 1979. what a random memory!

BritCurl800 said...

Ah, how many minutes/hours I spent poring over the back of my brothers' Marvel comics at those Sea Monkey ad's. Even then I knew as a child that they were too good to be true. However, that didn't stop me hankering after getting them and being proved wrong. I so wanted it to be real! Never had the money or means to persuade my parents to send off for them (they prob weren't convinced either)..not even my older siblings.

Sigh.... I FINALLY get to find out what they were/are and about FALSE ADVERTISING though... so many moons later as an adult. Amazing what they got away with - and still do today.