Thursday, November 15, 2007

He's a Cheater!

So, I'm scoping out today's mail offerings and what do I see? My new Bust Magazine. Awesome! Oh, look, it's got Beth Ditto on the cover. But wait...who is she holding?! That's's Kipper, my dead (or so I thought!) cat. Caught red-pawed kissing another fat girl. You can see the expression in his eyes. He just KNEW I'd see this. There he is with his new claws -- implants don't you know?! That little cheat!

I've rarely seen any cats that have looked exactly like Kipper. There are lots of Russian Blue's around, but few seem to have that Mountain Dew eye color.

Well, at least the little guy has moved up in the world. Rock on, Kipper!
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Anonymous said...


I miss that little cuss. Great to think that he found a new gig in the afterlife.

Cat said...

I'm so happy for him! ;-)