Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fat Woman Goes Around the World

This is just one example of a fellow fat chick taking the world on with a healthy dose of self-esteem: Where is Geri is a blog written by a woman I've known off and on at fat friendly events in Minneapolis. When I was at Kim's wedding last month, Geri told me of her plans to go on a grand adventure around the world. She found the timing, finances and ~everything~ had aligned to make it possible to follow this dream. I'm so overwhelmingly happy (and jealous, in a good way) that she's doing this. I should mention, too, that she's doing it alone. All around the world, alone. I believe she said she was going to catch up with a few familiars in various countries, but by and large, she'll be on her own. Just freakin' impressive!! Anyway, she's going to blog her journey at her site. I hope that you all stop in and read about her year-long adventure. Isn't it just awesome?!!? Go Geri!!