Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Day After Thanksgiving is....

I'll admit, I'm awfully tempted to pick up an HDTV tomorrow, but NO, I will not. Not because says so, but because, seriously, nothing irritates me more than the day-after-Christmas advertising.
"Hurry in, don't be the loser who ends up paying .50 more for this piece of crap." or
"Get what Janie really wants -- this toaster oven! It will make her love you more than evaaaah."

Oh, I should also add that day-after-Christmas shoppers irritate the hell out of me, too. The all too common "me-me-me" attitude of pushy customers trying to get the bargains. Is the .50 savings worth that sh*tty behavior? Then, after elbowing each other, we need to stand politely in exceedingly long lines at the checkout? WHY??

So, yeah, tomorrow, if you can avoid it at all, DO NOT GO SHOPPING. STOP ~BUYING~ THE BUY-THIS-NOW-OR-LOSE-OUT approach to gift giving.