Friday, October 26, 2007

Old Halloween Decos

My sister found these online after I asked her a question about the Halloween decorations we used to have up as a kid.
The first...a true testament to how decorations today pale in the scary factor. You can't find evil like this anymore unless you make it yourself.

This is the face that only a mother could love.

I don't think this was ever my favorite, but the image is burned in my brain. When my sister sent me the link to it, it was unmistakably THE scary witch I remembered.  It's a fun combination of a classic devil face with a crazy, hell raised witch.
According to the site (click here for more), it originates in the 40s. Well, in the 70s she was still lookin' good and still freakishly scary.

The next two I remember distinctly, too. They were funny, hipster, 70's jointed beings. A little bit scary (well, in the case of the witch), but by and large just goofy.

We often hung them on the front of our garage with the arms pointing the way to the front of the house. There was always a giant skeleton out there to help guide the trick-or-treaters.