Monday, September 17, 2007

The Winds Were A-Blowin'...

Just a quick embarassing story for ya'll:

Yesterday we were out on a wee little ghost town and rock hounding expedition with a friend of my hubby's. Every so often when you're ~out there~ you need to...ahem...use "the facilities". A true call of nature, ya dig? My usual way to accomplish this task when an hour's drive from anywhere with a porcelain god, is to open the side doors of the Jeep to block the view from at least two angles, wait until no one is behind me and then drop the undies and crouch down to pee. A fine and dandy way to accomplish the task at hand...usually.

Yesterday's wind was fierce. I opened the front door and it blew back toward me. Fine, I opened it all the way and figured when I was crouched down, I'd hold the door open. I had to do without the passenger door. Fine. Not many peering eyes around least none that I noticed. I let go of the door to drop the undies and a HUGE gust blew...the door slammed shut and caught the majority of my skirt, too. There I am, undies at my knees, my skirt stuck in the door and up around my bum. I try to open the door. No go. I pull harder. No go. Great. Now what? I check the lock. Nope, not locked. I pull harder. No go. At this point I'm fearing that we will need to abandon the skirt in the door when we leave. Ok, I call to Ivan who was quite a distance away.
"Come here!"
He's looking at me through the glass. I'm trying to signal over the top of the Jeep. He gave me a puzzled look and then came over. He's no slouch when it comes to using muscle power, but he had to YANK a couple of times to get it to come loose. Freedom!

Just a crazy situation. I'm so happy to be free!


Mark said...

Hahaha! :-D
And what if You were alone? X-)

Cat said...

If I were alone, I would leave my skirt, go around to the other side and like the wind! :-) Thanks for your comment!