Friday, July 13, 2007

Reading and Killin' Time

I thought I really ought to post about blogs that I read with regularity. There are quite a few so I'll mention 'em at random rather than doing a "blog roll". If you want to see my "blog roll", ask for my favorites file. Here's the first recommendation... Shorpy the 100-Year-old Photo Blog. For the love of old photos! Most photos are 1930's and older. A great time killer and quite entertaining. They started publishing a scant few months ago, but their archive of pages is HUGE. If you have two hours to kill, sit back and start clickin'! I love, too, that they provide large size copies of all of the images so that you can see pretty decent detail. To help provide a "fat" angle, the woman pictured to the side of this post is proof that there were fat/chubby people long before the supposed "epidemic".