Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fashion Forward

Please tell me that this isn't THE best photo of the jacket. Pretty please? I'm thinking the photographer just submitted the entire collection of photos taken on that day rather than bothering to delete the doltish shots. Then, some art director randomly selected the shot to be used in the ad. Right? I mean, no one would intentionally use a photo like that to sell clothing. Would they? Oh wait! I know that mentally challenged individuals need clothing, too, but I didn't know they were using them as models in fashion photography now. How very fashion forward of them!! By the way, I found it at Be sure to thank them for their extreme diversity in fashion models.


Anonymous said...

Hee!!!!!! This made me laugh so hard!!!

Claudia Nordling said...

She looks like she is being held up by a butcher's hook in a slaughter house. I guess skinny as a crack whore wasn't "sexy or cutting edge" enough for this photog. He had to go with 'pre-dead'.


Anonymous said...

Well, WOW! This is fashion at it's best! And it is so, so sexy!
It's another dimension than yours. O.K. But I'm waving all my 16 arms to applause that. (Having less than 6 arms is a Sex-Symbol in our world.) Maybe you should look at it from my point of view (and I have 8 eyes). That photographer, besides, is one of us.