Saturday, June 23, 2007

Right out of Left Field

I purchased a new washer the other day from Lowes/Whirlpool. While I often disregard the registration card that shows up in the product literature, I figured, I better submit the registration just in case this beast gets recalled on account of too many electrocutions, or whatever. After filling out the registration information, I was prompted with a satisfaction survey. All typical questions about the quality of service at the store where I purchased the washer. Until...well, until the final question. "Would you use complementary medicine such as acupuncture or massage if it were included in your health insurance benefit and had a copay of $100?" What the fuck? I was happily answering questions about my experience buying and suddenly I was thrust into a discussion about health care options? So very odd. Maybe they were just testing to see if I was paying attention? All in all, very odd. See a screen capture of the survey above.