Friday, June 15, 2007

I've Got a Political Itch

...and I need to scratch it. Just a couple of thoughts, really. Things that could make a huge difference in our so-called democracy, umm, or not. You be the judge.

1. State legislatures and the US Congress should only meet once every three years. Too many laws are created from reactionary politics. "Ban baggy pants -- they're obscene," "People died on a school campus -- let's enact a law that states ______". I just feel that laws should only really be created after a thorough, non-emotional review. Laws that are created immediately after tragedy are not necessarily in the best interest long term.

2. Elminate unrelated amendments to bills. No hidden goodie packages nor political bombs should be attached to valid legislation. That sort of crap is WAAAY overdone.

3. Elminate access to Congress members and legislators by industry lobbyists. I know, I'm dreaming, but c'mon, how much evil can one country contain? I think we've probably overdue on this one.

4. Flat tax for individuals and companies. Eliminate itemized deductions. Elminate corporate welfare. I really want to elminate deductions for children, too, but that might be a little harsh. A flat tax base would remove the need for the IRS, by and large. Employers can take 25%-30% (although it would probably be much less) straight from your check and send it to the government. No need to file come April's already done. The only thing that the IRS will need to do is verify that companies aren't lying about income levels...and you know they will try, bastards. Make the punishment for cheating be prison time. No questions. Let's see - also, it would mean less wasted paper; less wondering on April 15th if the potential 50 thousand deductions apply to you.

I better stop there. You know, I don't wanna scare ya'll away, rather just make you think.