Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Animal Crackers

Animal crackers in my soup
Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop
Gosh oh gee but I have fun
Swallowing animals one by one

I am here, taking a break from work and munching on a few animal crackers...ok, they're cookies really, and there's no soup involved. I got to thinkin' that most of the animals in my selection are on the endangered species or threatened species list. If I were in charge (like that would ever happen!), I would make the most endangered animal crackers be super rare. You know, one out of a thousand cookies or something. I think it would send a message to the kids who eat 'em, that the particularly rare animal is rare in the wild, too.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Right out of Left Field

I purchased a new washer the other day from Lowes/Whirlpool. While I often disregard the registration card that shows up in the product literature, I figured, I better submit the registration just in case this beast gets recalled on account of too many electrocutions, or whatever. After filling out the registration information, I was prompted with a satisfaction survey. All typical questions about the quality of service at the store where I purchased the washer. Until...well, until the final question. "Would you use complementary medicine such as acupuncture or massage if it were included in your health insurance benefit and had a copay of $100?" What the fuck? I was happily answering questions about my experience buying and suddenly I was thrust into a discussion about health care options? So very odd. Maybe they were just testing to see if I was paying attention? All in all, very odd. See a screen capture of the survey above.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glacial Lake Vanishes in Southern Chile

A five-acre glacial lake in Chile's southern Andes has disappeared. (Surf to your local news site for more information on this story.) Scientists are stumped, but I have my own theory as to where all of the lake went. Las Vegas. The overbloated, water-sucking, fun-time, desert oasis is constantly searching for potable water. It found it in Chile. A few pipelines here, a few pipelines there and you've got a moistened desert hot spot...and one large missing glacial lake.

On a more sensible, serious note, shouldn't there be a limit as to how large Las Vegas can grow? It is a really dry desert for gosh sakes. There was a time, not that long ago really, when settlers moved west and stopped to take up residence in spots where water was plentiful. You see, back then, they realized that water was essential to life.

Now, 21st century settlers just *expect* water to appear through the tap without giving it a second thought that it has to come from *somewhere*. Vegas is trying to buy water from Utah and other areas, too. Do ya think that maybe, just maybe there should be a limit on development? Nah, that would be too logical and against good old American bloatishness.

Even here in the Salt Lake Valley a mountainous desert area, we're reaching critical mass as to how many people can be supported by the mountain run-off. In the days of 1847, the Mormon settlers who came were brilliant, really. There was lots of water availble for the small settlements. They built irrigation canals which are still being used today. Unfortunately, with the bloat of housing developments, secondary canal water is rarely used to water our desert-lawns. No, all those lush lawns are watered with precious clean water. The very same water that is slowly, but most assuredly, running out. Given the rate of population growth and the potential for global warming changes, I give this area 50 years, tops, before it's buying water from Montana...or just closing up shop entirely.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I've Got a Political Itch

...and I need to scratch it. Just a couple of thoughts, really. Things that could make a huge difference in our so-called democracy, umm, or not. You be the judge.

1. State legislatures and the US Congress should only meet once every three years. Too many laws are created from reactionary politics. "Ban baggy pants -- they're obscene," "People died on a school campus -- let's enact a law that states ______". I just feel that laws should only really be created after a thorough, non-emotional review. Laws that are created immediately after tragedy are not necessarily in the best interest long term.

2. Elminate unrelated amendments to bills. No hidden goodie packages nor political bombs should be attached to valid legislation. That sort of crap is WAAAY overdone.

3. Elminate access to Congress members and legislators by industry lobbyists. I know, I'm dreaming, but c'mon, how much evil can one country contain? I think we've probably overdue on this one.

4. Flat tax for individuals and companies. Eliminate itemized deductions. Elminate corporate welfare. I really want to elminate deductions for children, too, but that might be a little harsh. A flat tax base would remove the need for the IRS, by and large. Employers can take 25%-30% (although it would probably be much less) straight from your check and send it to the government. No need to file come April's already done. The only thing that the IRS will need to do is verify that companies aren't lying about income levels...and you know they will try, bastards. Make the punishment for cheating be prison time. No questions. Let's see - also, it would mean less wasted paper; less wondering on April 15th if the potential 50 thousand deductions apply to you.

I better stop there. You know, I don't wanna scare ya'll away, rather just make you think.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I want!!

I want one really, really bad. It's been a while since I wanted a new geeky toy. Can I have one little old iPhone, pretty please, with sugar on top??

Earthquake Update

Seeing how it's my first real earthquake and all, please grant me some latitude to blabber a bit more on this...I found out in one of the local newspapers that the epicenter of the little earthquake was only 3 blocks south and 4 blocks west of me. It was very close. OH, and since I know better than any seismologist I'm pretty sure it was actually centered directly under my office... ;-)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ci-Wi Wi-Fi in the Minneapple

I remember hearing that they were going to do this several years ago. It's exciting to hear that City-Wide wireless is nearing completion in Minneapolis. At only $20 bucks a month, you really can't beat it. Maybe it'll be coming to my neck of the woods? Fat chance. :-(

Monday, June 04, 2007

"My Bad"

Oh, the horrors, I just had a co-worker (whom I respect greatly) use "My Bad" in a work-related email. The poor guy has unknowingly caught the "My Bad" virus. Hopefully, it will fade quickly and he'll be back to normal within a few weeks. If you're not familiar with this virus, it's very similar to the "You Rock" variant prevalent in today's society. I'm not positive, but I believe this virus started from the criminally thoughtless TB carrier, Andrew Speaker. On that note, does anyone else think it's HUGELY suspicious that the guy's father-in-law is a CDC TB specialist? Do you think he was trying to kill Speaker in order to prevent him from marrying his daughter? Oh, the plot may thicken!