Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My First Earthquake

I knew it!...but I didn't know for certain. Last night about 9pm, I was writing an email to a friend when the whole house shook...for only about 3 seconds. I thought maybe a large truck drove by with a huge load, a house exploded or an asteroid fell in the back yard. The thought of an earthquake crossed my mind too, but not until well after I was looking out all the windows to see which house exploded. I went to the bedroom to see if Ivan felt it. He was already asleep and didn't get awoken by it, so you know, it wasn't *that* bad. I forgot about it until today when I hear a blurb on the tele about "last night's earthquake". Yay! I'm no longer a virgin. Here's the snippet from the Salt Lake Tribune:

The University of Utah Seismograph Stations confirms the southern portion of the Salt Lake Valley was hit by a mild earthquake last night. Seismologists place the magnitude of the temblor at 2.3. There were numerous reports of it being felt by residents of West Jordan and South Jordan, about 13 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. No injuries or property damage were reported in the quake, which was recorded at 9:05 p.m. Monday night.
We're in South Jordan, so yay! By the way, when it happened, the deep shaking and rumbling made my brain visualize tornado inverting into the Earth, like I was getting sucked in. Hmmm...maybe I wasn't too far off? Hold onto your hats, this could be the biggun'!