Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mom's Day

I've gotten off pretty easy these last 18 or so Mother's Days. I haven't had to hunt down flowers on a Sunday afternoon, fight off the crowds at the restaurants, or find some kitschy little diddledoo to give her as a token of my appreciation. Pretty dang easy! I thought, however, that I'd give a little list of credits for my mum this year.

In no particular order:
  • She taught me to be level-headed yet fiesty when I need to be.
  • She taught me that anything is possible with a sewing machine.
  • She taught me to burn the midnight oil to meet deadlines. A certain "I can do it" attitude that shows at the very last minute before a deadline. Oh, and procrastination was a good thing.
  • Mom taught me to rely upon her for validation of my creative endeavors. No, not a good thing really, especially since she's been gone for 18 years, but I rely upon friends/family and especially the internet community to do that now. See, this whole website? Yeah, it's all about validation. Well, not *all* about it, but I think deep down it really is part of it. :-)
  • She taught me that being honest was essential.
  • Mom loved reading and it took away attention from me. Consequently, I'm not really fond of reading fiction. Yeah, another bad thing, but it makes me part of who I am.
  • Mom showed me how to be creative.
  • While she wasn't much of an adventurous cook (just how many things can one make with hamburger?), she did teach me quite a few things that has helped me out through the years.
  • She told me that the kids who made fun of me were the ones with the problem. That they were trying to drag me down to their level. This is KEY. A key *a-ha* type thing. This is probably THE thing that has helped me maintain my sanity and level-headedness over the years.
So, on that note, Thanks mom!


Paul B said...

Your mother sounds as if she was a special mother who took the time to prepare you for life. That list was a lovely tribute to a great mother. A sad day for those whose mothers are gone (mine is still living ;) ).