Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Coffee in Utah

It's taken pretty seriously, this liquid. Especially by the LDS / Mormon Church. Apparently there's a HUGE hubbub going down over t-shirts which depict the hand of god pouring coffee into the angel Moroni statue. The angel Moroni is atop all of the LDS temples, so it may or may not be familiar to you. Anyway, the Church has cried fowl and suggested that the the use of the angel Moroni statue is copyright infringement. Huh.

A couple of things -- 1. What is it about idolizing false idols that the church rails against? Oh, yeah, that. Seems a bit odd that they would be upset about the use of an "idol" on a t-shirt. 2. Secondly, if the church has actually copyrighted the image of the angel Moroni, isn't it something created and not divine?

Seriously, the bottom line more than likely isn't that there is truly copyright infringment, but because the church has billions of dollars at its disposal it is able to push it's weight to prevent a parody of anything they find offensive. It's not about the statue. It's about the coffee being closely tied to the church.

Given the resources that the church has and the fact that the coffee shop "Just Add Coffee" is just one little shop up the street from me, the guys have decided to change their t-shirt design. (The new one is pictured on the right). It now states, "The Lord Giveth and A Church Taketh Away." with a picture of God's hand pouring coffee into a trumpet. Of course it's not Moroni's trumpet...or is it??


Anonymous said...

ya know so people need to stop and think and do some reserch

The Angel Moroni on the Birmingham Alabama Temple. Moroni, a Book of Mormon prophet, returned to earth as a resurrected being and prepared Joseph Smith to receive and translate the gold plates. A symbol of the restoration of the gospel through divine messengers, such statues stand on the top of many LDS temples.

by Joseph B. Romney

The angel Moroni is the heavenly messenger who first visited the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1823. As a mortal named Moroni 2, he had completed the compilation and writing of the Book of Mormon. He ministered to Joseph Smith as a resurrected being, in keeping with his responsibility for the Book of Mormon, inasmuch as "the keys of the record of the stick of Ephraim" had been committed to him by the Lord (D&C 27:5). Pursuant to this responsibility he first appeared to Joseph Smith on the night of September 21-22, 1823 (JS—H 1:29-49; D&C 128:20), and thereafter counseled with him in several reappearances until the book was published in 1830. During that time, he instructed Joseph Smith, testified to the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, and otherwise assisted in the work of restoring the gospel.

Because of the angel Moroni's role in restoring the everlasting gospel to be preached to all the world (cf. Rev. 14:6-7; D&C 133:31-39), the Church placed a statue depicting him as a herald of the Restoration atop the Salt Lake Temple, and later on the hill Cumorah near Palmyra, New York, where anciently he had buried the Book of Mormon plates. Copies of the statue have also been placed atop several other LDS temples.

now you know why the Church has cried fowl.

Cat said...

Ummm..yeah...sure...that and they have billions of dollars that their disposal.

I thought that Jesus Christ was the most important figure in their worshipping, but if you feel that Moroni should indeed be an idol to be worshipped, then so be it.

Idolatry is a beautiful thing!

jeff said...

Excuse me if my religious tolerance is a bit rusty, but Mormons are only slightly less nutso than Scientologists. All religion is silly, but to truly believe the crap the Mormons claim to belive... well, that's just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

this world is going to hell in hand basket. no one has any more integrity or respect for any one any more.