Friday, May 11, 2007

Botox. Cosmetic?

Botox, you hear a lot about it, but do you really know what it is? Have you ever heard of botulism? It's a serious medical condition that can occur after consuming food bourne botulin toxins. A type of food poisoning. Ever heard of people being afraid of home canning? What are they afraid of? Well, for one thing, botulism. If you can food that's low in acid, a can of corn for instance, and you do a basic water-bath during the processing, it's not going to be safe to eat 'cuz the low acid food will still contain some bacteria that will produce the botulin toxins as they sit on a shelf. It doesn't really change the taste of the food, so you don't know that the can has gone bad until...until...until you suffer a nervous system break down called botulism. Anyway, bad stuff, right?

Well, while doing a search for "botulism" come to find out that Botox IS the botulinum toxin. It's injected in small doses under the skin. How scary is that? They use it for the lines between the eyebrows, to stop underarm sweating, etc. How does it do all this, you might ask? Basically it works locally in your system to interrupt the nerves that work the muscles between the eyebrows, and in the case of the sweaty pits, it temporarily blocks the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. Yum.

I'm thinking that as a side job this summer, I'm going to non-preserve some crushed tomatoes, put it on a shelf for a couple of months. Then, when it's all good and toxic, I'll sell it as a Botox alternative. Or "Botoxal®". Yeah, I like the ring of that. "Just slather Botoxal® on your forehead and in your arm pits. It'll work reaaaaal niiiice. "