Monday, April 30, 2007

Boom, Boom, Boom. Another one bites the dust. Boom. Boom. Boom.

I left my computer for about half an hour. As I was heading back to my office, I came back and heard a low bass sound. I thought someone had turned up their car stereo outside. As I drew closer to the office. I could tell it was coming from inside the house. My computer had gone to the "blue screen of death" and the speakers were "Boom. Boom. Boom." very loudly and quite rhythmically. Same heavy rock rhythm as "Another one bites the dust." Luckily that wasn't the tune it was playing and it came back up after a dramatic power-down.


Paul Bergsagel said...

Cat you got off lightly if all you had to do was to power down and restart the computer.

About a month ago I had my first and only Mac meltdown. I still use an ancient Computer, a Mac G3 bought in 1998 running Mac OS 10.3.9. It took me an hour to restore the system. Fortunately the Mac can save all your system settings if the meltdown was not too serious. This got me to 10.3.0. Three hours later and a lot of updates downloaded from the internet I was back to where I started. Macs rarely crash to the point that they system needs to be reinstalled, but when they do, watch out1 I was lucky that I had nothing bad happen before then since the computer has been trouble free since I purchased it in 1998, not crashes requiring a system re-install.

This crash told me that I may be looking to upgrade my comp in the autumn when the new MacOS 10.5 arrives. Hopefully I will be getting a new iMac Intel Core Duo with the 24" flat screen the same screen ratio as Hollywood films and capable

I love your blog and website Cat!