Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Little Whirlwind

Monday afternoon, about 10 minutes after we buried kipper near the garden, a tiny whirlwind started about a foot from his final resting spot and swept across the garden and through the yard. I kid you not! Hopefully, it was a sweet release of his life's energy foretelling of Kipper's future endeavors.


Bobber said...

I was truly sorry to hear/read about Kipper's death and what he went thru, Cat, but I can completely understand and support your decisions. My old cat, who we also had for 18 yrs, was as much a part of the family, my own life, and life in general, such that we ended up having much the same happen to us. People who only look at animals as "out there" and not able to communicate and relate to us miss a very important part of the equation of all living things on this planet, in my opinion. I think we have to be aware and look for the communication and interelatedness, and too many simply don't.

My only other comment is that I have grown over the years to truly feel sorry for all of God's creatures on this planet as I see them as having so few choices in trying to deal with the world we humans have created. They "evolved" for a very different world and I feel we owe it to them to be merciful and kind and to try to make their stay among us as good and meaningful for them on their own terms as possible. (end of rant).

Kipper was always your "boy", Cat, and I know that he meant a lot to you. I believe that when animals die they move on into whatever the next life/existence may offer and I also believe that "signs" such as your little dust devil can really be related to that interchange between the world we think we know, and the rest of creation, which for my part, I don't think we as humans have much respect for, much less knowlege of.

"There is more in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than dreamt of in all your philosophies." Shakespeare, Hamlet.