Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've had a couple of bad weeks recently primarily 'cuz my little boy (ok, he's a cat) is dying of a growth in his throat that is minimizing his airflow and intake of food. Trying to make the decision to euthanize him or to let him die naturally is very difficult. Very stressful. He's got good days where he's fairly full of energy and bad days where he's really, really quite ill. Lately, the latter is more common. He's lost a ton of weight and often makes quite a bit of noise breathes, especially if he's excited or disturbed by something. The poor little guy is on his last leg. When I was at the vet with him two weeks ago, the vet indicated that I could "put him down now". I really wasn't ready for it, nor do I think Kipper was. Now, I'm not so sure. I'd really like him to die in his sleep and not go through the stress of going to the vet. Probably like most cats, he freaks out when even getting close to the car. Yeah, so anyway, it's a very sad time for me. I've been with the little freak for over 18 years. I got him about a week after my mom died of emphysema. It seems really odd that now he's dying of something somewhat similar. When he's struggling for air, I think of my mom's struggles and think, too, that I can't kill him...I wouldn't have killed my mom just 'cuz she was struggling for a breath. Ugh. Yeah, stress.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Kipper.
If You had quite big money, You may try to find a doctor that could do some surgery. I don't know, is it even possible.
Even if it's possible, pet as old as Your Kipper may die during (or after) the surgery... Exactly in the same way, like a very old human may.
If You had no money for it, or if it's just not possible, I think it will be better to short his mortary. I heard, death by throttle is very bad and stressful. Better let the narcotic slowly kill him, without any pain...

Mark, Poland

Ron said...

Sorry to hear about Kipper's problems. We had one very sick, very old cat who was not fond of the car and less so of vets. They gave us a mild tranquilizer we could give him at home. By the time it took effect, he didn't mind the car ride and had a very peaceful passing. Wishing the best for you and Kipper,