Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh, the humanity!'s humanity! Scanner that sees through clothes!

The new airport scanner that supposedly shows the "the body's contours with blush-inducing clarity" is shown to be "controversial". People are worried that their ~gasp~ body will be visible!

Let's step back a second and put your ego in check. Your body is just like everyone else's body. Who gives a flyin' flip that your body contours will be visible? I'm sure after seeing hundreds of bodies each day, even the scan operators will yawn when they see your visage, too. I feel that so much of the fear of losing body-privacy in this instance is due to some sort of malformed belief that "we are all individuals." Sure, we're all different right down to our DNA, but on the scan-screen we're all pretty much the same. Most have two nipples. Most have two arms. Most have body fat. Most have two legs, etc, etc. There's nothing sooooo unusual from body to body. So, again, to those of you worried about getting ~exposed~ -- get over yourselves and realize that your body is boring just like all the rest of 'em.