Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh for f*cksakes...

I just got off the phone with Visa and my bank. My Visa account has been compromised! AAAAAAAAck. Luckily, Visa Fraud protection was ~watching~ my account. So far, only 15 or so fraudulent charges. All 'of 'em on Yahoo Voice international calls and some company called -another international call company. I've never lost or given my check-card to anyone else, so ~they~ (whoever idiots ~they~ are) got my number from an online transaction. Grrrrrr. Aaaack. Grrrr. With any luck, my identity won't be stolen. Ya'll remember me, right? (If you ever saw "The Net", you know that just knowing who I am could be detrimental to your health. You're warned.)


Paul said...


Let me share my compromised card story.

Around July I went to my oneline bank's web page to learn that my bank account had been suspended. A message there informed me to phone an 800 number. The person on the phone told me that my bank card had been compromised and I would have to be issued a card. This was my interact card which we use to pay for everything electronically here in Canada as well as withdraw money from the ATM cash machine. Fortunately my account had not been no suspicious items on my account printout and I had not lost any money. But since the banks computers said there had been some suspicous activity with my account the bank issued me a new bank card.

Well the next day I had a dental appointment and at the end of the dental visit I went to pay the bill electronically with my bank card and it was denied......errrrgh! I had checked my balance online before I left for the dentist and had more than enough money to pay the dentist. What would I do now. After several embarassed attempts to pay and being denied each time, I asked them to let me try to pay just $500 with that card and the balance of the bill with my other bank card from another bank (which didn't have enough money in it to pay the entire bill). Thank goodness that worked as I was all out of options to pay if it didn't. It turned out that after my bank card was compromised they had changed by daily transaction limit to $500 without informing me, as a fraud protection for my account. Thank goodness I had two bank accounts at different banks with enough money in each to cover my dental bill.

I am glad the bank detected the attempt at compromising my bank account before I lost any money, I just wish they had informed my that they had changed my daily transaction limit to $500.


Cat said...

Yeah, Paul, that's pretty annoying! I bet they do that so they don't end up out of a ton of cash themselves. But, you're right, they should have let you know, Big Spender! ;-)