Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Love to eat those mousies, mousies what I love to eat. Bite their little heads off, nibble on their tiny feet!"

My cat, aka Kipper, is now a killer! He's made it to the ripe old age of 18 without ever killing any mice or any other mammal. The greatest he had ever caught had eight legs. Now he's singing a new tune. I saw a mouse run across our kitchen floor yesterday afternoon. He ran from the old wood stove to the cupboard under the kitchen sink. I suspected we had a little critter around as Kipper was keeping his nose pointed at the kitchen sink and once in a while, he'd crouch and creep around the kitchen, sniffing in the corners. Anyway, when I saw the little grey mouse yesterday, Kipper saw it too, but he was much, much too slow to do it any harm. Or so I thought. We left to go to dinner last night and all was quiet in the house. When we returned, the carnage was evident. There was a large blood splatter around a yellow mouse stomach in the middle of the kitchen floor. My elderly cat had finally done it -- he caught and ate his first kill. He was a proud little cat, he was.


Anonymous said...

Did your little Kipper ever run into a rodent before? It is in the nature of almost all carivores to hunt their prey. Even if they do not eat it. If he was not hunger, he probably would have killed it any way and presented you with the corpse. Remember why cats were regarded so highly in Egypt? Because they kept the rodents from eating the stored grain!
Most of my personal experience with felines has been on the farm where they were working animals just like in Egypt. If you have ever had to rid a place of rodents without using cats, you would realize how hard and expensive that job is.
Well I say good for Kipper, he is just following his heritage. It is rather creepy that this behavoir happened just before Halloween however.
Andrew Cooley

Cat said...

Hey Andrew,
As far as I know he's never really seen a live mouse before. He's tried to catch birds, but this is his first mammal. I know he's a little backward being a city cat and all. Most country cats probably would have caught hundreds of vermin by the time they reach 18.
Thanks for the comments!