Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's Art...well, ok, actually Crippy Crafts

I'm sure my friend Kimmy will be proud! I'm fully immersed in creating some "crippy crafts"! See above! I was inspired by the "primitives" that I recently encountered while doing a search on Ebay. Basically they're sewn figurals made kind of creepy 'cuz they're dirty (actually stained with tea, coffee or cinnamon). The intention is to make 'em look old/antiqued. That's what the stained ghost on the top-left is all about. The top-right one is, again, based upon the primitive idea. It's sewn, quilted, and painted with acrylics. It turned out better (and bigger! About 24 inches across) than I had anticipated. I just whipped up my patterns on craft paper, not really sure how big to make 'em....and voila! Finally, on the bottom is representative of a dozen or so "quilty note cards" that are basically snippets of fabric sewn onto blank cards. Crippy crafts at its best!