Sunday, October 08, 2006

For the Love of Cute

While I've shared some of my obsessions here in my online journal, I really haven't shared them all. You know, I've probably got too many with which to bore ya'll. I've got a thing for beautiful fabric and funky, fun fabric, too. One of my current fun fabric obsessions is the stuff by Heather Ross formerly of Munki Munki. It's ~kind of~ kid stuff, but since I'm a kid at heart, I openly embrace it, too. Her current line (soon to be replaced by fun new stuff, yay!) is called "Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries"<--click this link to view the collection. It's been out for around a year. Several of my friends received pillow cases made out of the different prints last year. Anyway, I recently found out that she's got a stationery set called "Goldfish I Have Loved (too much?)," that I just HAD TO get. It's really purty sweet and despite the fact that I lurrrve it a lot, I actually have used it already. Two sheets down and two envelopes gone. I'll stop when I get to the last sheet of each variety. Click the link in the title of this post to see the fun stationery for yourself. You'll be glad you did. Really, I'm not trying to sell ya anything, I just think it's freakin' cute!