Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Call to Serve!

Well, I finally got the summons to appear for jury duty this morning. I was shiny and bright when arriving at 8:30. I was so very excited to see if I would get accepted to serve. I even practiced my "not too excited" face for the juror interview. I sign in, grab a bottle of water and wait.and wait, watch a prospective juror video, and wait a bit more. Then excitement! We all get up, maintain our jury number order while hiking down the hall. (That reminded me a little bit like alphabetical order one needed to maintain while walking down the hall in grade school.) We get to the courtroom door and we were immediately sent back to the jury waiting room. We were told the attorneys were talking with the judge and that they weren't ready yet. We go back and wait, wait, wait. In comes the judge who introduces himself and tells us that the defendant didn't show for his methamphetamine possession trial. Also, he informed us that this was it.our time to serve was over. BUT WAIT! I WANT TO SERVE! IT CAN'T BE OVER. I WAITED 20 YEARS FOR THIS??? I guess there is a chance that I could get called for a municipal or federal court, but as far as state district court, I'm done for at least 2 years. I looked up info on how many people get called each year. It's estimated to be around 5 million. Best I can figure is that in 60 years, the odds are you'll get called at least once. That, of course, doesn't figure in the lucky people who get to serve more than once in a lifetime. For instance, at my jury call today, 4 people out of 24 had previously had jury duty. So, maybe in the next 20 years, I'll get another chance? Maybe? Pretty please?


bobber said...

Hi, Cat!
I went to my first and only ever jury duty about two years ago and what a farce it was!

It was a domestic dispute, and I ended feeling very sorry for both parties involved. They were just a very young couple living in poverty and could not hire experienced lawyers and what they got was two clowns who must have been trying their very first case. Had I been the judge, I think I would have thrown both of them out, if not the case itself (could have probably been handled better via counselling). What we as jurors had to endure was what I would generously call "the original amatuer hour". A pretty pathetic introduction to jurisprudence. If I ever get called again, I hope it is for a real case with real lawyers. I hope your next case at least gets before the judge and that your experience (if you ever have another) is better than mine was.