Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Love to eat those mousies, mousies what I love to eat. Bite their little heads off, nibble on their tiny feet!"

My cat, aka Kipper, is now a killer! He's made it to the ripe old age of 18 without ever killing any mice or any other mammal. The greatest he had ever caught had eight legs. Now he's singing a new tune. I saw a mouse run across our kitchen floor yesterday afternoon. He ran from the old wood stove to the cupboard under the kitchen sink. I suspected we had a little critter around as Kipper was keeping his nose pointed at the kitchen sink and once in a while, he'd crouch and creep around the kitchen, sniffing in the corners. Anyway, when I saw the little grey mouse yesterday, Kipper saw it too, but he was much, much too slow to do it any harm. Or so I thought. We left to go to dinner last night and all was quiet in the house. When we returned, the carnage was evident. There was a large blood splatter around a yellow mouse stomach in the middle of the kitchen floor. My elderly cat had finally done it -- he caught and ate his first kill. He was a proud little cat, he was.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Two from the Earth in Two Days

Two things that my hubby and I unearthed the past two days. On the left, a lovely potato snowman. Proof that funny things can come from the Earth and the garden. On the right, proof that the late Victorian era kitsch was just as ugly as today's. What were they thinking painting that animal (not sure if it's a lamb or?) with orange and blue grey blotches? Pretty dang hideous.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What's the scariest thing at this time of year?

Going shopping for Halloween do-dads at Target's boo bazaar and rounding the corner of the aisle only to have blinking Santa yard art staring back at ya. Very scary for October 18th!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gettin' Jiggly With it

It's nice to have YouTube to take on video bandwidth! Here's an ollld video that used to hang in my Yahoo group.

Stop mocking me. Stop it. I mean it.

It's Art...well, ok, actually Crippy Crafts

I'm sure my friend Kimmy will be proud! I'm fully immersed in creating some "crippy crafts"! See above! I was inspired by the "primitives" that I recently encountered while doing a search on Ebay. Basically they're sewn figurals made kind of creepy 'cuz they're dirty (actually stained with tea, coffee or cinnamon). The intention is to make 'em look old/antiqued. That's what the stained ghost on the top-left is all about. The top-right one is, again, based upon the primitive idea. It's sewn, quilted, and painted with acrylics. It turned out better (and bigger! About 24 inches across) than I had anticipated. I just whipped up my patterns on craft paper, not really sure how big to make 'em....and voila! Finally, on the bottom is representative of a dozen or so "quilty note cards" that are basically snippets of fabric sewn onto blank cards. Crippy crafts at its best!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Call to Serve!

Well, I finally got the summons to appear for jury duty this morning. I was shiny and bright when arriving at 8:30. I was so very excited to see if I would get accepted to serve. I even practiced my "not too excited" face for the juror interview. I sign in, grab a bottle of water and wait.and wait, watch a prospective juror video, and wait a bit more. Then excitement! We all get up, maintain our jury number order while hiking down the hall. (That reminded me a little bit like alphabetical order one needed to maintain while walking down the hall in grade school.) We get to the courtroom door and we were immediately sent back to the jury waiting room. We were told the attorneys were talking with the judge and that they weren't ready yet. We go back and wait, wait, wait. In comes the judge who introduces himself and tells us that the defendant didn't show for his methamphetamine possession trial. Also, he informed us that this was it.our time to serve was over. BUT WAIT! I WANT TO SERVE! IT CAN'T BE OVER. I WAITED 20 YEARS FOR THIS??? I guess there is a chance that I could get called for a municipal or federal court, but as far as state district court, I'm done for at least 2 years. I looked up info on how many people get called each year. It's estimated to be around 5 million. Best I can figure is that in 60 years, the odds are you'll get called at least once. That, of course, doesn't figure in the lucky people who get to serve more than once in a lifetime. For instance, at my jury call today, 4 people out of 24 had previously had jury duty. So, maybe in the next 20 years, I'll get another chance? Maybe? Pretty please?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

For the Love of Cute

While I've shared some of my obsessions here in my online journal, I really haven't shared them all. You know, I've probably got too many with which to bore ya'll. I've got a thing for beautiful fabric and funky, fun fabric, too. One of my current fun fabric obsessions is the stuff by Heather Ross formerly of Munki Munki. It's ~kind of~ kid stuff, but since I'm a kid at heart, I openly embrace it, too. Her current line (soon to be replaced by fun new stuff, yay!) is called "Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries"<--click this link to view the collection. It's been out for around a year. Several of my friends received pillow cases made out of the different prints last year. Anyway, I recently found out that she's got a stationery set called "Goldfish I Have Loved (too much?)," that I just HAD TO get. It's really purty sweet and despite the fact that I lurrrve it a lot, I actually have used it already. Two sheets down and two envelopes gone. I'll stop when I get to the last sheet of each variety. Click the link in the title of this post to see the fun stationery for yourself. You'll be glad you did. Really, I'm not trying to sell ya anything, I just think it's freakin' cute!

Apparently, we need more crime...

I have been summoned to appear for Jury Duty for this week, October 10-13. Nothing on October 9, 'cuz of Columbus day. Now, after calling the summons phone number, I’ve found out there’s no jury duty on the 10th or 11th. I finally get called and now…nuttin’?? Oh the humanity! Hopefully something will come up on Thursday or Friday. Keep your fingers crossed and please, continue to break the law -- your wannabe jurors depend upon it.