Saturday, July 08, 2006

Just one of those weeks...

I had a week from hell at work. The OT that I did last weekend, suddenly turned into a project from hell. Somehow the MSDE SQL server instance that I installed to coincide with a software package suddenly pulled data from an old SQL server install. Not consistently...oh, no, that would have been easy to fix. It pulled half of the databases from the new install and half from the old install. I nearly lost my mind! Databases were pulling up information all over the place. As if that wasn't spooky enough, when I called our enduser helpline in Minneapolis, I got an unfamiliar voice. I ask for one of the network guys that has been with us for 9 years or so. "Ummm...WHO?" I repeat his name. I then say, he's the network guy. "Oh, ummm, okk.... lemme transfer you to his extension." He transfers me to the woman who is in charge of the phones. GAH! I really started to wonder if I was in the same Universe as I was the night before. Then I tried calling my boss. He's on vacation the rest of the week. I call the second in command, no answer. Page him. No answer. I call technical support at the company that created the application causing the problems. 15 minutes on hold, then told to leave a message. I call back. 15 more minutes on hold then told to leave a message. GAH! We pay for support 'cuz why??! While I do work from home now, I REALLY felt abandoned on this problem. I ended up getting everyone out of the application. Restoring a handful of completely necessary databases to get those individuals back up. After everyone was gone for the evening, I deleted everything, reinstalled MSDE, and then restored all 130 or so databases. I spent the remaineder of the week fretting that suddenly the SQL server vapor pleasantly known as MSDE was going to find more database files hidden elsewhere. Just craziness. Thank gawd for the weekend!!


Anonymous said...

One of these days...
That friday two weeks before, as we eventually found out, was a reincarnated former usual Monday.
And THEY handed us that same stuff again... it was awful!
About computers all I can say is:
One of the main basics in science in general is that: Anything you want to call a description of what
is going on HAS to be repeatable.
Anything this way scientifically
"proved" is the basis of our technology.
Then how come, I press the same button in the same situation on a computer and gain different results? Did we miss something?

I guess users around the world are with you in this bitter hours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catay,
As you were able to get to 'Vegas, I guess everthing turned out Ok for you.
Oh the joy of aliases that is what I guess turned your world into the Twilight Zone. Thats what nailed me in a non production database.